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File is "Skipped" or "Access Denied" seen during Quick Heal scan
Posted by Lishoy Mathew on 10 August 2013 04:01 PM


While scanning certain infected files, Quick Heal may show that the file is "Skipped" or "Access Denied".

If you are receive any of the above messages while scanning any file(s), then kindly go through the below article which would help solve the issue.


Quick Heal shows "File is Skipped"

Cause: This occurs when Quick Heal scanner detects any malicious file present inside an archive file i.e .zip or .rar file.

Steps to be taken: You will have to extract the archive file using winzip or winrar and scan the extracted files.

In most cases our Quick Heal Online Protection will automatically repair the infected files during extraction.

Once the scanning is complete, you can delete the previous infected archive and compress the clean scanned files once again.

You could also delete the infected .zip or .rar file if you do not require the files in it.


Alternative you can configure Quick Heal to perform required action on infected Archive files rather than skip.

Open Quick Heal => Files and Folders => Scan Settings => Select Advanced and Click Configure and select the desired action to be taken on archive files.


Quick Heal shows "Access Denied"

Cause: This occurs when any malicious file is currently active in memory or is being used by another service/process or even if the file does not have sufficient access permission due to which Quick Heal unable to take necessary action on the file.

Steps to be taken: Performing a Full Boot time scan should solve the issue. You can perform a Boot time scan by Selecting "Boot Time scan" from the Scan button from Quick Heal dashboard.

If the detected file is shown from a Pendrive or Memory Card then make sure that the device is not Write protected or the Data Theft protection in Quick Heal is not enabled.

If the detected file is shown from a Read only media such as a Compact Disk (CD/DVD) then you will have to copy the contents of the CD/DVD to your computer and perform a scan on those copied files. Files on the CD/DVD will not be disinfected as they are in Read Only mode.


If the above steps do not solve the issue or if you face any hurdles in any of the above procedures then please do feel free to contact our Support centers,

where our Engineers would be glad to assist you.


Support Center: Contact Technical Support in India : - Hindi / English : +91 927-22-33-000 - Tamil/Malyalam/Telugu/Kannada : +91 90-43-121212

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