Upgrading to New EPS 6 from previous EPS/Admin Console Version.
Posted by Lishoy Mathew on 11 February 2015 10:22 AM

Quick Quick Heal Endpoint Security 6.0 is released, which includes more features and better protection than its predecessors.

You can upgrade any previous version of Admin console 4.X, EPS 5.X version to the new Endpoint Security 6 product by following below mentioned steps.

Note :

a. After upgradation to EPS 6.0, New Asset Management Feature will be available free of cost, to all users of Admin Console 4.X or EPS 5.x.

b. Data Loss Prevention needs to be purchased separately for all users of Admin Console 4.x or EPS 5.x

c. File Activity Monitor will be free of cost for only those users who are already using EPS Compliance Pack only i.e Device Control & Application Control.

d. For complete list of all the features of Endpoint Security 6.0, visit the the link


1.Install Endpoint Security 6 ( No need to remove previous version ):

1. Download the Endpoint Security 6 installer , using your Admin Console product key from
2. After the download is complete, run the downloaded file in the existing Quick Heal server or New system if you wish to change the existing server.
3. Please make sure that the System IP address is manually configured as the installation will not continue if IP is in DHCP mode.
4. When the wizard opens, click on Next. If you are installing on the exising server then click on "Yes" when prompted with MultiServer Installation.
5. Proceed with wizard and provide the appropriate information wherever required, we recommended not to change any of the default port numbers.
6. Upon completion of installation of the Endpoint Security 6, you will have to redirect your existing clients to new EPS server.
Redirection Steps are mentioned below.
Note: If you have installed EPS 6 on another PC then you will have to activate it using your Admin Console product key before proceeding.

2.Upgrdation ( Initiate upgradation of old clients to new ):

The Upgradation method depends on the Number of systems to be upgraded. We recommend the first method mentioned below as it will ensure succesfull upgradation of clients and would not hamper the network bandwidth.

a) Manual Upgradation using New client Packager:

Automatic redirection of all clients at the same time may lead to high usage of Network bandwidth and over load the local traffic.
Hence for such cases we recommend Manual upgradation method by directly running the new client packager over the existing client systems.
You can create the new Client packager from the EPS 6.0 Console. Go to Start Menu=> Programs=> Quick Heal EPS Console 6.0=> Client Packager.
On running the new client packager, it will prompt if you wish to upgrade to the new EPS 6.0 version.
Click 'Yes' and it will proceed with the uninstallation of Old version of client and will automatically install the New client version after restart.

b) Automatic Upgaradation of Clients using Redirection:

In this case you can follow the below Redirection procedure.

Open the older Quick Heal AC/EPS Console page and perform the following steps: 

  • For EPS Console: After loggin in Click Admin Settings -> Redirection

  • For Admin Console: After loggin in Click Administrator Settings -> Admin Server

Enter the Below details as shown below-

  • Server Name/IP: Enter System name or IP address of the EPS 6 Server.
  • Port number: 5045
  • Click on Apply.



  • Now a notification will be sent to all or selected Quick Heal clients, depending upon the options you chose, to get redirected to the new Endpoint Security 6. Upon detection Quick Heal Admin Console will automatically uninstall existing old clients and install new EPS clients after the next restart.
  • From the Client reports of EPS 6 Console, if you see all the clients showing Installation Status as "Installed" it means upgradation is completed.

3.Uninstallation of previous version:

If all the clients are upgraded to 6.0 , you can uninstall the old Quick Heal Admin Console 4.X or EPS 5.X from system.
If EPS 6 is installed on the Existing AC/EPS server:
  • Note down the Product key of your Quick Heal Admin Console which will be required for reactivation of EPS 6.
  • Select Uninstallation of previous AC/EPS from the Start Menu-> Programs->Quick Heal Admin Console/EPS Console-> Uninstall.
  • In the uninstallation Wizard make sure to Uncheck "Uninstall Apache" before proceeding.
  • After uninstallation of old Quick Heal Admin Console, reactivate EPS with your existing Product key.
  • Restart the system for EPS 6 client protection to get installed on the System.
If EPS 6 is installed On a new PC:
  • In this case you can simply uninstall the older version i.e Admin Console/EPS 5.x along with Apache from Start Menu or Add or remove Programs.
  • After uninstallation, you can install EPS 6 Client on this pc by creating a client packager from the new EPS 6 Server or any suitable Client Deployment method.
The upgradation to new EPS 6 is now successfully complete.
Incase of any difficulty please do contact our Technical Support for assistance.


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