How to Use Safe Banking in Quick Heal 2015 ( 16.00 )
Posted by Samarth Joshi on 13 January 2015 05:30 PM

How to Use Safe Banking :-


The Safe Banking feature of Quick Heal v16.00 ensures that your financial transactions on the Internet are safe from hackers and malware. Scroll down to know more about this security feature.

While the Internet has made it convenient for us to shop, bank, and pay our bills online, it has also made us vulnerable to common threats such as:

Phishing Attacks – attempts by hackers to steal our personal and financial data such as login id passwords, credit/debit card details, net banking information, etc.

Identity Theft – attempts to steal our identity online and using our personal information to indulge in malicious and illegal activities.

Key Loggers – malicious programs designed to record what we type on our keyboard and use the recorded data for illegal activities.

Quick Heal Safe Banking has been designed taking all such threats into account. This security feature automatically takes all necessary steps required for secure online banking, shopping and other financial transactions on the Internet.

How to Use Safe Banking :-

Setting Safe Banking

You can use the Safe Banking feature with the default settings. You may also configure the Safe Banking feature for enhanced security according to your requirement.

Open Quick Heal Total Security.

On the Quick Heal Dashboard, click Internet & Network.

Click Safe Banking.

Select the following options as required:

Protect against DNS based attacks: Select this option to protect your system from visiting fraudulent websites.

Allow clipboard sharing: Select this option to allow clipboard sharing.

Keyboard shortcut for switching between Windows desktop and Safe Banking desktop: Select this option to create a shortcut key to switch from Safe Banking desktop to Windows desktop. Safe Banking is launched in a secluded environment and hence you cannot access any system or folder from this window.

To save your settings, click Save Changes.

Launching Safe Banking

You can access Safe Banking feature separately. When you install Quick Heal antivirus on your desktop, Safe Banking is also installed. A shortcut icon to Safe Banking is created on the desktop.

  Click Safe Banking shortcut on your desktop

Safe banking Shortcut
To launch a website in the Safe Banking shield, follow these steps:

Click the shortcut icon to Safe Banking.

Safe Banking is launched. You can browse the websites that you want using the supported browsers available on the task bar.

You can also bookmark a website by clicking Add Bookmark.

On the Add Bookmark dialog, type the URL of the website that you want to access in secure mode. Click Save.

Click View Bookmark and click the URL that you want to run in the secure browser.

Use any of the Internet browsers to conduct an online transaction

Safe banking Home

You can also bookmark your usual banking and shopping sites

The Safe Banking feature is available in the following products:

Quick Heal Total Security
Quick Heal Internet Security

Some Quick Points to Remember

Safe Banking is one of the new and enhanced features of the recently launched Quick Heal 16.00 series.

A free upgrade to the 16.00 version will be released soon in the coming weeks for existing Quick Heal users.

New users can get a free trial of this version from our website


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