Remove Fake Alerts
Posted by Sangeeta Pawar on 20 June 2014 01:08 PM

 Description : The tool can be used in case you observe any of below symptoms

  • Fake alerts / warnings of  "Hard Disk Failure"
  • Data gets hidden on all drives/Start Menu --- Program Files
  • Desktop Icons get hidden.

Cause : The alerts are caused by fake antivirus or fruad tools which are also called as roguewares. Some advanced roguware also come up with combinations some other types of malwares such as trojans, spywares etc.

What does this tool do ?

  • The  attached tool kills the malicious processes responisble for displaying the Fake alerts.
  • The tool [ Remfakealert.exe ] can also be used if Quick Heal is not installed or running with old updates.
  • The report is generated at the same location from where the tool is run.

How to use ?

  • Download the attached zip
  • Unzip the downloaed file to anylocation on infected system
  • Double click to execute it.


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